Ongoing Project Travel Banjo

This is what I bought the Shapeoko for. A 5 string travel banjo with pickups for silent practice.
It is made from Rosewood and a radiused maple fretboard plus my first try a bridges. Need to install frets and a lot of sanding to finish it up. It will be interested to see how it sounds.


love to see a Video of the maker playing it :slight_smile:

also this looks like something Seasick Steve would play!!


I do a video when it’s done

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Good looking project, and a nice design. Probably doesn’t need the pickups though - I have an electric solid body banjo with a remo head like that, and even with HDPE foam cut to fill the sound cavity, it’s plenty loud for practice.

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I have another one that I built by hand and I use a mute on the bridge and it makes it very quiet. I have a Vox practice headphone amp where I can bring music from my phone and play along.