Only C2D files from Carbide Create V7 are supported

Shapeoko 5 Pro 2X2 new
Carbide Create V7 free version build 756
Carbide Motion 579
When i try to load a file, this is what I get.
“Only C2D files from Carbide Create V7 are supported”

Any idea? Do I have to buy V7?

Try updating to the current beta:

If that doesn’t work, please post the .c2d file which you are having this problem with here or to

The file your trying to load, was it made with CC V7?

Carbide Create V6 and below made separate gcode files. Starting with V7 the gcode is encrypted into the .c2d file. So you cannot load any 3rd party design files but you can load gcode (.nc files). In the old days the .c2d files would not load in Carbide Motion only .nc files. Now in V7 the .c2d file has the gcode inside it and will open in Carbide Motion.

If you are using CC v7 then the later versions of Carbide Motion will accept .c2d files with gcode inside them. If using Vetric or other 3rd party design software then save the .nc (gcode) file separately and then save the design files. I do not use .nc files any more so not sure if v7 requires the pro version to open up just .nc files. Others will chime in if that works or not in v7 free or requires the pro version. I have the pro version. But the free version will open .c2d files from v7.

Same problem with V7 build 757.
Here is my file
Poche Test V7 Shapeoko.c2d (44 KB)

yes, build 756 or 757, bith have same problem

It opened up fine on V756 and V757, mac version.

I use windows version.

When I try to reopen the file, here how it looks in Carbide Create V7

Try View>Reset View along the top menu bar.

It opened fine for me WIN10 .

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No difference, my problem is in Carbide create and not Motion

I do have V6 still installed, should I remove it?

I was referring to Carbide Create. It seems like your view is zoomed way out.

CC7, build 756, FREE Version on Windows 11 desktop:

No errors.

Whatever I build in V7, when I save it and reopen it. Here is what I get.

That is caused by the 3D preview being corrupt.

Where are you saving your files? With what permissions?

The file you uploaded opened fine in the current beta of Carbide Motion:

Try the new beta:

and verify that the files are being saved somewhere that the computer can write to and read from without any processes interfering.

We are close to the solution.
I have the problem when the file is saved on a drive that is related to OneDrive.
No problem on C: or on Google Drive. Only in “My documents” that is linked to my onedrive account.

But there was no problem in V6 of Carbide create.

CC v6 and v7 can be installed on the same computer with no problem. Sounds like the permission thing is your problem. Permissions can be problematic.

One thing you could change is remove the v7 CC application. Then right click on the installer and install for all users. That way the files saved will likely be usable by all users even though you may be the only user. Fonts work the same way because sometimes you have to install for all users to get a font to show up on CC.

I suspect you are a different username and permissions on some of the cloud drives over your local machine

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