Only use data folder for favorite fonts

I’d like to request an option to have CC only use fonts installed in the carbide create font data directory. I have a long list of system fonts that are tiresome to scroll through, and during scrolling, carbide create routinely crashes. If there were a radio option I could tick in the “Create Text” window to only search fonts in the data directory, it would make text a lot easier to manage.

How many fonts do you have installed?

Are any of questionable compliance w/ OpenType or TrueType font specs?

My font manager says I have 304 fonts on the system. 260 are ttf and 44 are otf. It’s possible some are non-compliant. Between Carbide Create and my other design programs, it would be nice to separate fonts I use for business, especially if I’m buying fonts and don’t want them mixed in with system fonts (also easier to save when messing with the OS). I’ve seen that Lightburn has an option to load single height fonts from a separate folder, which led me to the idea of organizing fonts a bit differently.

What font manager are you using? Does Carbide Create still crash if it is disabled?

(Usually font managers offer an option to make only certain fonts available to certain applications)

Font Manager 0.8.8 “Simple font manager for GTK+ desktop environments” :grin:

I realize I’m out of the support scope, so I don’t expect much. The font manager just lets me see whats installed on the system, it doesn’t run in the background.

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