Open ended vector machining

Hello guys, I’m wondering if it is possible to machine a open ended vector in Carbide Create. Here’s what I’m working on.

I would like to machine the lines inside of the square first, and then cut the entire part out.
My problem is that when I create a tool path on the lines inside of the square, no G-code is created. Any help would be great!

Double check they are selected before creating the tool path. Open vectors are pink which I sometimes confuse for being selected when they are not. I just tried and it worked fine. Reply back if still no luck.

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Should just be a matter of selecting and assigning the toolpath:

then cutting the part out:

square with lines.c2d (11.5 KB)


Thanks Bozo and Will, I was sure I had tried that already, but I guess not.
Works great!!

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