OpenBuilds INTERFACE Touch Control System

Interesting new product from OpenBuilds, replace your grbl sender and computer with “INTERFACE”


I’ve been looking at something like this so I can still use Carbide controls -


Ah the joy of international product naming. “Pipo” actually translates to BS in French, not sure I would buy that :wink:


I went ahead and purchased one.

I dunno how well (or if) it’ll work with the Pro that’ll be here next week, but the documentation on the Interface says that as of now the only touch probe it’ll work with is the OpenBuilds one. So, if I want to use my BitZero v2 to find and set home, looks like it’ll have to be with CM.

But it seems so much cooler using this to control the machine than using a whole computer with mouse, keyboard, and monitor, so I hope it works out!

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