OpenBuilds Modular Enclosures

For anyone interested OpenBuilds sent me an email advertising their new modular enclosures. These enclosures are geared toward their own machines but I think all three Shapeoko and Nomad machines would fit in them. They are customizable and look pretty good


  • Easy to assemble
  • Super Easy to Build - Easy to follow along Build video and inspirational Build log.
  • Easy to Customize - Models and layout included
  • Adapts to your needs - Practical unlimited configurations
  • Available in 3 convent sizes - Hardware only open available
  • Insert panels of glass, acrylic, wood, plastic
  • Strong hinges for reliable operation
  • Please note: panels are not included

They run from $213 to $270. The builds look simple to assemble and are customizable. I did see that the large one would hold an XXL. You have to supply the panels but the basic box is included with hinges for doors. Enjoy


Thank you for posting this, I was gonna build an enclosure for my XXL, but this may be worth the savings in time and planning.

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Personally I enjoy making things but if I were going to get an enclosure these look pretty slick and what I would learn from building an enclosure is knowledge I already possess so it would be a wash for learning anything new, plus it is already engineered and I dont have to waste time figuring things out.


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