Opening a saved file in CC and blank!

(Robbie McCulloch) #1

I have a project that I have saved in CC, ran the file and everything was fine. The next day I when to open the same file to make some changes and nothing there. The only thing I can see is the red mark for center and nothing else. I looked at the setup screen and there is know values in any boxes. I can run the same file in CM and it runs just fine. Any suggestions?


(William Adams) #2

Did you double-click on the file? Carbide Create will launch from that, but it won’t load the file — use File | Open and navigate to the file to select it.

Or, it may be that you made the file, exported G-Code, but then didn’t save the file before closing Carbide Create — unfortunately it doesn’t warn about unsaved files before closing.

You can use G-Code Ripper from Scorchworks to get the G-Code file converted.


(Robbie McCulloch) #3

Just saved a file and it saved as an nc file. If I try to open it back up there is nothing!
I have also have files the are saved as C2D files. I can open C2D files.
What’s the difference between NC and C2D files ?


(Jared Hooper) #4

The nc file is just the gcode. The c2d file is the format to get back to your drawing.

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(Robbie McCulloch) #5

So do I need to save my files (projects) as .nc files?


(Jared Hooper) #6

If you want to return to the project/drawing to alter it then you need to save it as a c2d file. The nc file is just the code to run it.

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(William Adams) #7

Please see for a discussion of this


(Robbie McCulloch) #8

Thanks for the information.


(Steve Royals) #9

I am having the same problem. Twice now I finished a design and saved it. When opened back up through the open command on CC it came up showing only the red circle and everything else(stock size and stock thickness, etc) is set to zero. When I change the dimensions back the design does not show back up. I have created several before with no problem and I can open them up just fine. But the last two designs that I spent hours on and saved along the way seem to be gone and only a blank file defaulted to zero is in it’s place.
Thanks for any help you can give.


(William Adams) #10

Please send any problem files in to or post them here.

One thing I’ve found which helps when working with problematic applications / files / tasks is to save incrementally — add a number at the end of the filename and increment it each time one saves — that way you can go back to a previous version if the current one develops a problem.


(Jesse Glessner) #11

AND, save that original file as “widget_orig” and never touch THAT file again except to COPY it and RENAME the new file as something like Will stated, “widget_01”, and each successive CHANGE you do on a copy of the last file. So, COPY “widget_01” and immediately change the name to “widget_02” and make you changes on THAT file. Keep all of these in a Folder of your PROJECTS, AND keep separate Folders for every type of Widget that you make with uniquely named Folders. You’ll be amazed at how efficient this can be, especially if you lose a file, but also for going back a year later wanting to make a specific holiday widget. No fuss, no muss, you just load that latest version of the holiday widget and you’re up and running.

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(Luc) #12

Maybe it would be useful, in a future version of CC to ask users if they want to save their file (if changed) when quitting CC just like most app do.

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