Opensource Milling Speeds & Feeds Calculator

Searching GitHub, found this:

which has an HSM version in beta:

See the instructions at:


Whoa, this looks really cool. I’ll see if I can try some cuts out this weekend based on its recommendations.

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Please note that like most calculators, it’s intended for a far more rigid machine (the developer owns/uses a Tormach 770) than a hobbyist CNC router.

Right, but I can choose the amount of torque and forces involved, so I should be able to choose light enough loads that it applys to the Shapeoko.

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I think you would need to do reverse calculations by comparing the results of another calculator such as GWizard where you know that the results are working on the Shapaoko and reduce torque until you get similar feeds and speeds.

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I was going to use it to compare to values that I know are the limit of my Shapeoko and see where it aligns on a few and then test on a few others. That is, make it match on 3 known ones and then make it calculate for 3 more known ones to see if they align.