Operating environment temperature range

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My workshop is about 60 degrees in the winter unless I turn on extra heat. Is this too cold for a Nomad to run in? In the summer it can (rarely) get up to 90. Is that too hot?

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We have a bit on this for Shapeokos at:

For a Nomad, there’s only one belt, so still should be okay.


My shop (basement level, poorly climate controlled) is presently 12 degrees C (53F), and I just ran a several hour job no problem and the parts fit up (tolerance +/- 0.05mm). I have had no problem below 10, but much cooler than that, I turn on electric heat for my comfort. During the summer months, it may be 35 degrees(96F), and still no problem.

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Where are you? I know people that keep their HOUSE at 60 all winter (yeah, they’re a little weird…but still)

My shop is 20-40 in the winter, sometimes less (fyi, it can be <0 for weeks at a time outside). Summer can be greater than 110 in the garage.

No problem, I run my nomad and SO all year.

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Thank you all for that very useful information!

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