Opinions on carbide inserts spoilboard flatening router bits


Have decided it’s time I flatten my spoilboard, looking at different bits I am bouncing between a couple different conventional router bits and a router bit with 4 carbide inserts.

Yes the ones with inserts are typically more $ than some of the mid range conventional bits but replacement inserts are fairly inexpensive and each one can be rotated to a new cutting surface 4 times.

Pro’s vs Con’s ?

Thanks John

I had an Amana. Bought the McFly and I like it better. Some of the blades are on the bottom instead of just on the side. Seems to give a nicer finish.

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The debate over regular carbide and carbide inserts will never be settled. The main thing about any fly bit is that the center is at the same level as the inserts. The reason is to use the BitSetter. I have an SO3 so that cuts way over the front edge. So when I level my spoilboard I disable the BitSetter and remove it so I do not accidentally hit the BitSetter when cutting down the front of the spoilboard. I dont have an SO4 so not sure if that could be a problem. However I made a document about spoilboards. For a hybrid table that part may not be valid but leveling your spoilboard is. Take a look and see if you can use my suggestions for leveling your spoilboard.

spoilboard_considerations.pdf (1.3 MB)

The Hybrid spoilboards (SO4) will leave a rim around the two sides and back because the SO4 cannot cut all the way to the edge of the spoilboard. The SO5 can cut all the way to the edge.