Optimized tool paths

As I continue to experiment with various projects, I am quickly realizing time is of the essence - especially if I intend to eventually turn a small profit to pay for this new hobby of mine. My question is in regards to using a larger tool to rough cut (saving time) then a smaller tool for the detailed areas. In Carbide Create, is there a command which tells the smaller tool to only cut what was left behind by the larger tools inability to reach said areas? I hope this question makes sense. I am trying to realize the full potential of Carbide Create and Carbide Motion before venturing off into other software options. Thanks in advance!

Carbide Create does not currently have that feature.
Depending on the design, there are approaches that will be most efficient.

Heres a recent post that addresses multiple tools and toolpaths:

So pocket cut, then inside cut until you’ve reached all the nooks and crannies. Got it! Thank you Apollo for the prompt response.

Sorry Apollo,
Are you referring to Vectric software from the email I sent?

Also, you could take a look at some other CAM packages which offer “rest machining” which is the term for cleaning up material left from either prior operations or other source data other than the original stock shape. Good luck Tony!


Could you please recommend a free or inexpensive program that has rest machining that is compatible with Shapeoko 3 and Carbide Motion?

Fusion 360 has rest machining, though usually I find it easier to just be more specific with the operations I’m doing. It’s free for hobbyists for the time being and it works with Carbide Motion. (If they ever start charging for the hobbyist version, it’ll be subscription only and expensive. I use Carbide Create, MeshCAM and Fusion 360 for CAM depending on the project.)

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