Orchard Supply (California)

For those who live in California you may know about Orchard Supply going out of business. Just as an FYI stuff is (as of today) 40-80% off. Some stuff that might be of interest (based on my local store yesterday): they have a hobby wood section with basswood, oak and the like which might be of interest. They have all types of aluminum angle, square, tubes and flat bar. The have some small rectangles of thin aluminum and brass in the hobby section.They have all types of cabinetry handles, small hinges, drawer slides and some other brass and gold stuff for lamps and the like. They also have a section in the front of the stores with all types of specialty fasteners, brackets, and other doodads.


Of course I read this now. I was working up in Santa Maria, CA today where they have one closing out. I didn’t think there would be anything I needed. It’s 160 miles away so I don’t think will be returning just for that. :rofl:

I think most of the ones closer have been wiped out. My local one closed a year ago.

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So I decided to check out the Orchard by my work today at lunch and as expected there wasn’t much left. I did pick up a couple hinges and a sheet of Brass $40 down to $8.20, not bad at all.

So I thought there is one more on my way home. It can’t hurt to see if they have any more of that brass. It turns out they had just gotten two truck loads in the day before. I got Brass, Copper, Aluminum, and Anodized Aluminum 1 x 2 sheets at 80% off.

The best score was the machine screws. A lot of stuff was picked thru but no one had touched the metric machine screw. I got all the 3-6mm stock.

I walked out with about $2000 retail of stuff for around $260.


Wow! That is a steal! Awesome.

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