Ordered my SPRO-XXL yesterday!

Well it is done I ordered my new SPOR-XXL on the 25th. Very excited!
Got an email today it shipped. Slight disappointment, it is missing two items I purchased at the same time.

  1. Clamps
  2. BitZero V2

Sent an email.

Still the machine is on it’s way. Now I better get started on my table.


I believe those items ship from a separate location — e-mail sales@carbide3d.com and they’ll let you know.


That is whom I had emailed. Thank you for the fast reply.
You guys and girls have been great like that!!! :sunglasses:


Yes the rest is coming from California. They are on their way.


Yet another disappointment, not on Carbide 3d. UPS only delivered box number 2 of 2 and another of endmills. The tracking info clearly states 1 of 3 piece shipment. Missing box 1 of 2?
Sent an email to sales again. I was working in the yard and didn’t get a chance to look at it when it got here.
I am not ready to assemble yet due to having to finish my table.
I keep telling myself, I am a patient man, I am a patient man. :pleading_face:


I just ordered a few things Monday. One part shipped from CA yesterday, the rest from IL today. They have stock and manufacturing spread out between the bases. :smiley:

I have also had UPS deliver in…uh…stages? They have literally stopped by in the same truck twice in the same day, two different trucks in the same day, or on two different days…for the same shipment. Logistics have been complicated in the last year. :confused:

I too have items coming from CA. I knew these would not come together with the CNC.
I would think the two boxes for the CNC would come together?



Update… Last box arrived this morning. There is some damage to the boxes but I need to build my table before opening. I do not want to misplace anything.
I’ll keep you posted.


I have received everything as of today!