Organic Form Test

Have to say that using CAM within Fusion 360 is so cool. Being able to isolate tool passes for specific things during milling has allowed me to understand more the process. Here is my first foray into smoothness!!

Used a piece of hard wood I had laying around. Modeled it and made some waves

Adaptive Roughing pass with #201 1/4" Flat

Parallel pass with #101 1/8" Ballnose

Final piece after a light sanding

It took about 45min to finish not counting the sanding. The new bed is awesome and is making fastening stock a lot easier. Highly recommend it.



Yes, there are advantages to other approach in CAM than MeshCAM takes. That said, MeshCAM does a great deal.

Fusion 360 is an excellent fused CAD/CAM package. A bit steep on the initial learning curve but very well worth it… and it doesn’t cost very much either!

Hear! Hear! On the replacement bed!