Outdoor epoxy choice

I’m doing a vcarved table top for someone that will be on a boat. As such, it will be exposed to weather though not 24 x 7, only when they are on the boat. Can any of you guys recommend a good epoxy resin for this kind of exposure?

Totalboat has a bunch of stuff, literally designed for boat use. Get something UV resistant as well so you dont have yellowing down the line.


Epoxy is not generally acceptable as a outdoor final finish. A UV filtering top coat is required. Epoxy hardeners marketed as UV stable will largely be formulated for “stability”, not for aesthetic qualities. After using Epoxy for its structural properties, a UV filtering varnish or 2 part polyurethane would be the correct way to finish a marine project.

I primarily use West Systems, but that is mostly a matter of logistics for me. My pricing is also considerably different than a retail supply. I buy 55 gal drums. The off the shelf West System hardener for your application would be West Systems 207 Special Clear Hardener. Followed by a finish as described above. There is a wide variety of epoxies available, some much better than others. But there are actually very few manufactures of starting point formulations.


What would you recommend for a UV filtering varnish - anything in particular?

I hesitate to recommend specific coatings. There are a lot of variables to consider. Additionally, formulations change as law and material supplies fluctuate. For what I do, my preference is to spec the use of LP(Two-part linear polyurethane) or similar. But these are generally expensive, dangerous, and not particularly marketed to the inexperienced user. When its comes time to refinish, the job is not easy. Primarily use products from AwlGrip and Alexseal. For refinishing wood directly, I often spec AwlWood system, also very expensive. This is generalizing. A single pack applied with many many coats might be superior to a 2 pack with few coats. Softer vs Harder. ect

For Varnish the variety is great, and I’d simply suggest something you can purchase locally from a reputable supplier. Epiphanes, Interlux, Awlspar, Pettit, Totalboat products are likely made by a reputable manufacture, as are West Marines house offerings ect.

My greatest suggestion would be to test your work flow before application to your finished product. When it comes to using these systems, and more so, mixing systems, there is a lot to consider.


Been working on my son’s boat for 2 years and have tried a few different epoxy products. We will no longer use total boat products but use West systems epoxy without reservation. Just an opinion.


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