Outdoor Stair risers made on XXL

For years i’d been annoyed by seeing the stuff stored under the rear steps, and wanted to fill in with some kind of riser but not use wood as it would not allow the type of open design I wanted easily and poses all kinds of finish issues . I have used 1/8" ply before and it’s not a great choice, but can work. I called a bunch of suppliers and was very lucky to find some 1/8" evergreen colored ( most what’s available is Bl, white or grey.) expanded PVC which worked very well.
After creating the artwork in AI with variations for each stair I set up the job to run three at a time.
I had to reposition the 41" long sections ( 23" x 41") to cut in two passes using index marks to get a complete one pce. panel, and the real trick I found is to cut with the good side down. Saves lots of clean up time with a very small file. This needed no finishing, only cut, clean up and install. 1/16" cutter goes thru this like butter.


Good Job !!!
And, Nice Effect.

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Very creative. I like what you did. Better than looking at stuff stored.