Overhang Workpiece

I need to do a project where the workpiece will be 24 x 48 inches. The 24 inch side isn’t a problem as the XL i have will accommodate 32 inches. I can clamp the workpiece as usual but need a simple way to support the part of the workpiece that will be hanging off the front of the machine. Overhang will be approx 32 inches. Any ideas.

I found that a roller stand which I bought to use with my table saw worked pretty well holding long things hanging off the front of the Shapeoko



Loren, you should make sure that you clamp your part as close to the “edge” as you can (as well as where needed on the rest of the bed of the XL.)

Then do as Liam says. That way your external clamp won’t have any influence on the flatness of your cut part.

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I would make a L bracket. Clamp it to front of bench and clamp top of L to workpiece.

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