Overlapping pockets issue in CC

Is this a bug?

I have carved two pockets which are the same depth. Where they overlap, it is deciding to omit to carve the overlap. Why is that?

maybe bug.c2d (24.5 KB)


Because overlapping and intersecting geometry pose logical problems for the program.

You have two options:

  • Boolean union the geometry in question:

  • or cut them in multiple operations which do not overlap:

I am currently using your 2nd option but it means a bit of tidying up after cutting with the chisel/sander. I want to make multiple box sizes (these pockets are rabbets) so I cannot really unionise them.
PS. As you might have guessed this is why I tried to use Vectric but gave up!

Post a file to support@carbide3d.com ?

It might be something that the developers would want to look into.

FWIW, I had the same issue when doing miter boxes: