Overrides & Feeds/Speeds Question Carbide Motion

It seems that when I’ve tried the “automatic” settings on a project, they seem to go super aggressive so I’ve been manually setting them and then I feel like they still go a little too slow or too fast. I’m trying to find my sweet spots but in doing so I’ve been using the +10% and -10% button a lot in Carbide Motion. Correct me if I’m wrong, but when you run a new project it starts out at 100%, is that correct? And if I want it to go slower or faster, I can adjust it using those buttons, correct? Each time I hit those buttons, does the feed rate increase/decrease 10% from the original feed rate? Or does it go 10% from the NEW feed rate? On the left of the Carbide Motion interface I see the “override” and it tells me the percentage I’m at, which is helpful, but I also think it could be more helpful if it showed what the current feed rate is now at each time I adjust it, rather than just showing the percentage.
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We’ve changed feeds and speeds quite a bit in recent versions, giving up on the automatic calculations and changing to a curated set of feeds and speeds. Hopefully folks won’t need to use the override button so much.

To answer your original question, the feedrate override is “just” a factor applied on the G-code feedrate values that CM reads and sends, so it applies the selected X% to the original feedrate value stored in the file.
I agree it would be helpful to also have a display of the current/actual/corrected feedrate, if only to make a note once you have dialed it to perfection, and use that value in the next toolpath design.


EXACTLY what i was thinking :+1:t2:

i assume the version i have (carbide create) is the most recent since i just got the shapeoko a month ago? when i select my end mill, it has the check box (checked by default) that says “set speeds automatically”. Is there a newer version that i’m not aware of?

Yes, we’ve since gone through a couple of revisions and are up to 451:


All software has newer versions. You just have to keep on top of it.

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really? software gets updated? i’ve never heard of this happening! computers? huh?

i know, i just figured I had the newest since my machine is brand new :slight_smile: Is there any notification when new versions come out?

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