Overriding door open sensor

When zeroing, or adding tap magic or whathaveyou lubricant to the piece you’re working on, opening the door helps quite a bit. But when you do, everything shuts down. (Safety, obviously.)

  1. Can I tell the Nomad it’s okay, I’ll be fine zeroing without hurting myself?

  2. What would be the correct way to open the door to add lubrication and then close it again and have the piece continued where it left off?

Hmmm… My machine doesn’t turn off when I open the front shield.

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mine neither. a small arm comes out, grabs my finger and guides it into the spinning cutter. I am down to 3 and 3/4 fingers so I have to really want each part I make.


No door sensor here either :slight_smile:

Hah guys :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s what happens to me: when zeroing, if I open the door, Carbide Motion switches to a “Door open” screen and the keyboard goes nonresponsive. At the front of the device I’ve got what certainly looks like a door sensor. It’s got a wire running down so I’m guessing it’s not just a closing magnet like I originally assumed. See pic:

For EU machines we added a safety interlock to comply with European safety standards. I would never tell you to place a magnet on top of the sensor to bypass it :wink:

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Gotcha. Of course I’d never do something like that… :smirk: Will just have to find another way.

Man I wish I had gotten to responding to this thread earlier, but Jorge beat me to the opportunity for humor!

(I would have said something about how I’ve seen 6-axis industrial robot cells with un-keyed magnetic door interlocks so that HAL can’t punch operators)

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Happened just a couple of days ago. Machines seem to be more aggressive in Europe.

Volkswagen worker grabbed and killed by robot in German plant.

A 22-year-old German worker has died after an accident involving a robot in a Volkswagen production plant in the town of Baunatal, approximately 100 km north of Frankfurt.

According to Heiko Hillwig, a spokesperson for the company, the contractor was in the process of installing the stationary robot “when it grabbed him and crushed him against a metal plate”. The technician was rushed to a nearby hospital but later died due to complications stemming from the injuries inflicted by the robot.

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