Overshooting right side of cut and cant figure out why

Oh okay are you zeroing off the bottom left corner using something like bitzero? Or are you using stock center as your zero?

I am using a Bit Zero V1 in the bottom left corner

I have also tried by manually zeroing with the same issue, was trying to rule out the bit zero

Thanks for the pictures, it’s helpful. The only thing I can think of, along the lines of what I was mentioning before, is to measure the actual cut dimension to see if it is scaled properly. You might need to do this on a dedicated job, just draw a square in carbide create, do an outside or inside perimeter (make sure you know which one you are doing) and then check it again.

Personally I would probably use center stock to avoid any edge Gap issues like this.

I have done that on multiple occassions on Cutting board juice grooves. It has gotten to the point that I make the boards 18.25 wide and make the stock size in Carbide or Vcarve 18 to make my tool pathing. Then trim the boards accordingly on the right side if need be. Thank you again for your advice

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This is essentially the method I would use. Sorry I can’t come up with any better answers at this point, but worth trying out the measurements again and then see if anyone else has ideas after the holiday.

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Before putting the board in the cnc I always check for square, corners to corners and all 4 sides. Then take my measurements and create the file Thank you again for your help and have a happy new year! I am going to check that full post out see if maybe theres something in there I am missing as well

Have you tried zeroing in the center?

No i have not that was going to be my next test actually

Did you buy the XXL new or used ?
Might be worth checking the X axis scaling factor is not off.
In Carbide Motion, in the Settings menu, click the show Log button, then go to the “MDI” menu, type $$ and hit Send. Then locate the value of the $100 parameter in the Log window. It should be 40.000


I bought it new, I will give that a shot thank you Juilen

Could you also upload the G-code file you used for that cut shown the picture? For a quick double-check

temp.nc (421 Bytes)

Attached This is a GCode from a friend that made the cut in the picture above, we were testing to see if it might have been something weird with my computer and programming, but it did the same thing with his GCode as well

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Paduak and Sapele Juice Groove.nc (542 Bytes)

This is a GCode from my computer that I made for a cutting board, that it did the same thing to

Yeah I see a simple square 4.5" x 4.5" offset 0.75" from the lower left corner.
I assume the piece of MDF shown in the pic is exactly 6"x6" ?
If so, that’s something at the machine and I’m interested to see what the $100 value is.

Allright, as per your PM your $100 is 40.0 steps per mm, so there is something mechanical going on, since it travels 4.6875" when commanded to move 4.5".

Is your X axis belt super tight ? Does it show any sign of deformation anywhere ?

For the sake of testing whether this is actually something related to the X calibration, you could try adjusting $100 and retrying.

  • go in the MDI menu
  • type $100=38.4, hit send
  • rerun your test and re-measure
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Looks like about 82.32 Euro

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Thanks to upgrading me, also here is the entire file, unfortunately its not the $100

Made me lol, thank you :slight_smile:

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Belt is new, and tight to where I can barley start the screw threads Wheels are also new just replaced 3 days ago. Eccentric nuts set as well