Page up/down on keyboard stopped working for z axis

Page up and down was working fine for moving the z axis in CM but has now stopped working. I did the latest update of CC. Could that have any effect? Has anyone else experienced this?

Yup, but NOW you use the Greater Than and Less Than arrows or comma and period Keys for +Z/-Z now.


This unfortunately (PgUp/PgDn removal) has rendered everyone’s 10-key USB keypads mostly unusable for remote Z-jogging (i.e. no comma). If you exclusively use a touch probe in CM4, then it’s not an issue but I just don’t see that as being a default 100% of the time.

One also has lost the ability to effect jog speed from the 10-key device (via numeric keys 1 thru 4). Deprecating what I believe to be fundamental operations for workflow is a step backward.

While I’d like to run the latest CM4 version, I’m not about to give up these fundamental workflow features. To restore the deprecated key-events should be trivial operation with an additional OR or expansion of a CASE handler… (hint-hint Carbide3D).


I was just about to get a wireless USB numeric keypad and now it no longer works. Glad I held off. I’d like to see them re-activate pg up/down. I think the use of the USB numeric keypad would be so nice to use close to the machine.


I have CM 4.407 and the num pad works for me. I hit the num lock and it moves the x/y axis. The only thing that doesn’t work now is the page up/down for Z which is a bummer they need to put that back in.

Any body know where the forum page is to put in problem, with CM especially 4.407. If i move my z axis up all the way to hit the z switch it locks my machine and I have to turn the cnc off and re home the machine all over again. that needs to be fixed

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It was suggested to me that everyone wanting this feature should email beta@carbide3d in order to provide the feedback request.

The core3D members are on the forums from time to time as I see them actively posting, however none of them have acknowledged the request to restore the deprecated key-jogging commands in CM4.

I know I’d use CM4 if it at least had Z-jog (PgUp/Dn) restored.

thanks Jim I just emailed the beta email address with both problem I had. I hope they restore the page up and down.

Regarding the page up / page down request - consider the request acknowleded (at least now) - but I can’t promise that it will ever make it back into the code.

Out of curiosity, why not just remap your wireless number pad to the appropriate keys?

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I’d not considered that, and I’d want a way to undo it when I’m running doc composure code. I’ll have a peek at mapping surrogates.

So may I ask, why not add extra arguments in what is likely to be if/case conditionals in your code? Send me your source and I’ll hack it in for y’all.

In my experience, remapping adds an unnecessary layer of complexity to a system, and may interfere w/ other functionality.

Things should just adhere to accepted standards — life is much simpler then, if exceptions only come up when there is a valid reason. (EDIT: to clarify here, I mean that if a given keypress is accepted / used, it should be used w/o re-mapping — I’ve always found re-mapping to be problematic)

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Ditto that… and the Page Up/Dn operations get deprecated by <> in CM4. And while we’re on the subject, numeric keys 1 thru 5 were also deprecated for jogging step selection in CM4.

1-5 should still work… from the number row. Are you trying to use the number pad for 1-5 :slight_smile:

In all seriousness though - We’ll look into putting this functionality back in.


That would be fantastic to restore the PgUp/Dn Z-jogging @edwardrford! I would actually look at running CMv4 if this was the case. Wouldn’t the QWERTY 1 thru 5 behave the same as 10-key 1 thru 5 in your app?

Can @RichCournoyer or anyone else running a numeric 10-key capable keyboard verify that Carbide Motion v4 jogging step is selectable with 1 thru 5 keys??

I can confirm that the 10 jogging still doesn’t work with CM4. I updated a couple days ago so I could try Intelli-GCode with the new Grbl 1.1.

Keys 2-4-6-8 will jog X/Y
Keys 3 and 9 (page up/Down) don’t do anything.
Putting the NumLock button down and trying 1-5 do NOT effect speed increment (or anything else).

< and > keys on my regular keyboard will move Z.
Arrow keys on my regular keyboard will move X/Y
number keys across the top or on the numeric on my regular keyboard do nothing.

The functionality from what I can tell is exactly as it was when the first CM4 came out, in other words the 10-key does not work as it did in CM3.

I really hope this will be fixed around the time probing is released. The only thing holding me back from just using a different sender software and aftermarket probe is the fact that I’d really like to stick with the C3D products(software and hardware). The latest releases on Carbide Create have made me more optimistic and I’m really hoping the trend continues.


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As I suspected… thanks for confirming this @DanoInTx
There ya’ go @edwardrford

Restoring PgUp/Dn and having jooging step control restored would be huge. And while we have your attention, how about custom touch probe dimensions?

Sorry I am using an Amazon 81 (?) wireless keyboard,

But the #1-4 (keys) change Rapid rate, Arrows move the X and Y, and the Comma and Period Z (up/Down).

For $13, stop the bitching, and join the V4 club. The Feed up/down has saved me SO much time.


It would appear that based on the results of @DanoInTx, we have a “bug”, not a feature… it’s odd there are disparate results?

For the record it’s not the $13, it’s the footprint of a small 3" x 4" 10-key keypad vs. the footprint of an all up QWERTY keyboard in my workspace. I don’t consider my dialog on specific forum threads about this very topic as bitching, either. And now, @edwardrford has duly noted mine and others collective requests (or collective bitching?)

I’d really like to join the V4 club, and I hope the next V4 release restores these deprecated operations. I’m also hopeful that a future V4 release provides custom touch plate dimensional support vs. additional costs for membership into the V4 touch plate club… I will say however, if it’s $13 on on C3D touch probe, I’m all in.

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I concur, I don’t like trotting around the shop with a full keyboard when I can have the 10-key in my palm and still have a free hand, or trying to press buttons on a screen with a mouse which never really works well if you’re trying to look at the machine at the same time, get double steps, etcetera.

Nor do I. This is much like if I updated the firmware on my car stereo and gained a couple watts of power, but lost FM radio. I’d appreciate the extra power, but I really would miss my FM channels that I listen to all of the time. I’d probably try to roll back my firmware to the old, which is exactly what I did with CM4/CM3.

After seeing all of the cool stuff happening with Carbide Create over the past few weeks I’m eagerly awaiting till the official probe and CM4 release and staying optimistic. If it never happens or I feel like I’m holding my breathe forever there are other aftermarket options which I’ve researched that will fill the bill.