Paint or Darker Etched Acrylic Texts

I just etched some acrylic with some words. I mirrored the texts so that it would be on the back side.
It turned out good but I was wondering if there would be a good way to make the text “more pronounced”.
How could I paint or make these etched texts darker without distorting the background that they are etched on. Does anyone have any ideas or experience in such a thing?

I was wondering if I could just dab some paint on the etchings and then quickly wipe the surrounding area clean real quick. I guess I can give this a try but though I would check with the forum and get other ideas.

I have used the Rub & Buff paint on several wood projects. It is oil based so you can remove the excess with mineral spirits. Test that the mineral spirits do not cloud the acrylic. You apply the Rub & buff paint with a thin rag. Do not use anything like terry cloth or microfiber rags. A tee shirt wraped tightly around your finger is best to apply. I have several colors and they make a black. I got mine from Amazon. Acrylic paint should work and is water based. I would apply it the same as Rub & Buff with a tee shirt type material. The good thing about the acrylic is it is water based and washes off while wet with just plain water. Walmart has a good selection of acrylic paint in tubes and bottles. Also Hobby Lobby and Michael’s have a good selection of paints.

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Is the final product going to be illuminated or edge-lit in any way?

I was not really planning on backlighting it at all.

Carve the letters with the appropriate rotating bit vs a drag bit.