Painting Engraved Cast Acrylic Sinage

Looking to see if folks have experience with painting clear cast acrylic that has been engraved? My thought was to lay down a mask film, cut on the back side of the sign, paint the engraved area, seal it (?), peel the mask off, then paint the ‘background’ color of the sign. Thus having filled in the engraved area with lets say a black, and everything else is colored. I am trying to make a wedding seating chart and thinking of ways to get lots of small text on a board about 24"x36" and using my XXL 4 Pro to get the job done.

If it is going to be viewed from the front, I would try painting the background first, after it is good and dry do the engraving. Then your fill of the engraving would be easier as overpainting would be on the back side of the background color. The only question is the quality of the paint line on the cut edge.


This is how I do it.

Hm. So all it would leave then is an ugly back. Seems easy enough, and way better than my idea…Im planning on using SW acrylic paint, just since I get good prices there and the pieces I plan on doing will be rather large and specific colors/sheen. Any issues with feed/speed with the acrylic once it has the paint on it other than making sure you wait long enough for the paint to dry?

If you need the back to be pretty, just cover it with the fill paint.

Yup, shouldn’t be an issue, but exactly what I was thinking after writing. Thanks all!

It should not change your milling parameters. Make sure the paint is really dry, use sharp tools, and run a test on scrap to be sure you have good paint adhesion and are getting clean edges along the cut lines. It may scratch easily so keep dust shoe bristles just above the surface and if you have any chip packing running a second pass to clear chips may be safer than clearing them by hand. After the engraving is color filled topcoat the entire back to make it pretty again.

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