Painting Mask for Sign Making

If anyone has tried to make a painting mask with painters tape you know it doesn’t work very well.
Try using House Wrap Tape from Home Depot or Lowes. I used this on a few projects and it works great.
Just cover your project before you cut it. It cuts clean and as a plus it seems to give you a cleaner cut.
I haven’t tried this on wood but have used it when cutting projects on PVC board. It should work just as well on wood.


How is it for coming off after? I have some of the red tyvek and silver tyvek and my experience with it is that once it goes on, it’s really hard to get off again.

The larger pieces come off fine. Smaller pieces on letters and such I have to lift up by putting a razor blade under it to peel it off. It takes a little bit of work to get everything off but it does come off and its less work than sanding off overspray.

So you don’t like Oracal ORAMASK?

Has anyone tried something like this to protect carved art or lettering on their projects? Winsor & Newton Art Masking Fluid. It is a liquid latex and tinting product that is applied to protect your finished CNC work as you apply a paint or stain to the broader signage area.

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Haven’t tried that but was looking at trying Liquid Masking Film but its very pricey. It may be the same thing. The Tyvik House wrap tape is much cheaper and works so well I never tried anything else. The only trick on using the Tyvik tape is to leave a little extra hanging over the edge of the board so you have something to grab on to get started when removing it. Large pieces pull off fairly easy but I use a razor blade to lift up the ends of smaller pieces to remove them. It also cuts fairly clean and tends to make the cut a little cleaner and almost eliminates any top sanding. .

Here’s a couple of signs I did using the Tyvik tape and no top sanding was needed.




FYI: I use PVC Board for most of my signs. Hopefully the Tyvik tape would work as well on wood projects.

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Any tips for painting the cut areas? Looks like a sponge.

I spray paint the cut areas then remove the tape use a small foam roller for the top area.

You don’t paint the top surface prior to carving?

No, I paint the top after I spray the cut areas. Then I remove the tape, do any cleanup and roll the top coat on.

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