Painting project issues

I have been using rustoleum american accents 2X ultra cover spray paint. Looks great but when I sand it gums up sand paper horrible. What do other paint do yall recommend?

The reason it is gumming up your paper is likely because the paint is not cured. The paint may dry to the touch quickly but it is off gassing for days to weeks.

So it depends on what you are painting. I often paint carvings with acrylic paint. I seal the surface with Zinnser Universal Sanding Sealer (Dewaxed Shellac) first to keep paint from bleeding into surrounding areas. I then paint the carving and sand off the excess. I usually finish with a top coat of polyurethane over the whole project. I like the natural colors of the wood.

If you are going to paint the entire surface there are two methods.

  1. Paint the whole thing and let it dry. Mask the area with oramask or Easy Liner Adhesive Shelf Paper. Cut your project and if the mask stayed in place paint your carving. Peel the mask off and hopefully your project will be good.

  2. Carve the bare wood and seal with shellac. Paint the carvings and sand off the surface. Then with a very short knapp roller or pad paint the surface. The knapp needs to be very short to keep the fibers of the roller from going down into the carving. A foam brush might work as well. Just keep your brush/pad very dry and maybe make multiple coats. Trying a wet brush/pad will likely lead to the surface paint going down into the carving.

I always recommend sealing bare wood with shellac. The reason is several fold. It keeps paint from soaking in and haloing around the carvings. When the project is sealed it takes less coats of paint to cover the surface.


I’ve found Rustoleum takes forever to cure. Krylon is my Ozone destroyer of choice.

Race car guys call it whale snot. Never really dries.

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