Pallet wood + Shapeoko = Cool

Pretty new to the whole CNC world. This is a project I just finished up. It is pretty simple, but I am pleased with how it turned out. The profile of the state is just pine painted grey then attached to a pallet wood backer.


Nice job!! Always pallets laying around somewhere :slight_smile:

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looks great! How big is this piece? What font did you use for home?

Thank you. It is about 10”x14”. The font is called “Easy November.”


Trash to treasure! Waiting near every dumpster.


Love it! I like your choice of the pallet wood and the grey-painted state outline. That font looks awesome!

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Very Cool Design!!! Definitely good use of a pallet : )


Nice work! What bit did you use? 1/16?

I am new to the cnc world but loving my xxl. I’d love to make one of these for my great niece who just moved away to get her masters, but I can’t figure out how to make the thick outline of my state from my thin outline vector (if that makes sense). Can anyone point me to a tutorial somewhere that explains how to do it? I tried to just copy, paste and reduce my original down by .5 to give me the .5 inch outline, but the contours did not match up. Maybe use allowance offset and do two profiles…outside and inside? Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

Doing more playing around I believe it is the Offset Vectors that will do the trick. Have never even noticed that before. Hope I have time to try it tonight!

That is correct. Also, you are correct in your other post pertaining to offset.

Thank you for confirming and also for the inspiration. I’m excited to make this for her.

looks awesome!

(and a little reminder for those not already informed, pallet wood can be toxic, do some research about what markings (indicating fumigation with pesticides) should be avoided and so on)


If you don’t have any aged pallet wood you can make your own. Just use some rough cut cedar or pine boards. Then get some white vinegar and put some #0000 steel wool into it. Let it sit over night then apply to the boards and let it sit. The boards will get an aged grey color. More coats will produce more of an aged look.

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Just wondering what you used to fix your CNC work to the pallet backboard? Great job!