Panelize GCODE Software

Does anyone have any recommendations to panelize some GCODE?

I made a PCB in Copper that works well, so now I want to make 8 of them at the same time. This would be a nice feature to add to Copper at some point.

Not really.

You could dupe the core of the file 8 times, and wrap it up w/ G92 or some other coordinate system change to put the copies in the desired locations.

Alternately you could use one of the tools at: to shift it appropriately.

Thanks…there should really be an easier way to do this.

I couldn’t get the code to simulate properly with the added G92 commands, so I did the shift-copy-paste method.

Used JavaScript G-Code Translate, Scale, and Rotate to shift it over 3 times by 20mm. This is the only online utility that would take the size of the file that I had to shift.

This will save a lot of time since I have a tool change and I will only have to autolevel once with ChiliPeppr to get 4 boards at a time.