Panic mode (In a good way)

This morning when I checked my emails, I went into panic mode because this is what I saw:


I ordered the Shapeoko 4 XXL on Monday morning (thanks to a post from Will Adams saying they were in stock on up for sale) and was expecting it to take at least 3 weeks until it got to the house,so I thought I had time to clean up and make a home for the XXL and build a bench/table for it, so I did some panic cleaning today, but it’s totally worth it. I’ll post some pics when I build the work area and put the XXL together.

FWIW, this is the reason that I went with the Shapeoko. I have watched thousands of hours of videos in the past few weeks, and almost every user in the videos couldn’t say enough good things about the machines and the company in general.

I can’t frikin’ wait!!


Congratulations! I got my email this morning too. :slight_smile:

Now go make it a home. :smiley:


If you build an enclosure make sure it’s big enough for you to fit inside of.

At the least, the top must be taller than you are.

Have fun with the new machine, be sure to post a project or three.


Hi everyone,

Saturday and Sunday, I built the table for the Shapeoko 4 XXL and the machine was delivered on Monday night. I took this week off and started the assembly on Tuesday and finished last night. This morning I did the Sharpie test, then took some scrap pieces of wood that needed to be surfaced (from playing around with the little CNC) and WOW! What a difference between the 2. The Shapeoko is a BEAST! I’ll post pics if you want them, but the table isn’t anything special.

See, now that’s innovative thinking…you build a soundproof, dustproof enclosure and stay inside of it with the Shapeoko on the outside! Brilliant! :slight_smile:

Here’s a prototype!


You are so Smart. I have the Get Smart series on dvd and love it. Some of the older comedies are very funny and inovative. Most modern comedies are just retreads of older concepts. You would think with all of the money in Hollywood they could come up with some new ideas.

Not to go too far down that rabbit hole, but everything is derivative of something else. The same beats in comedies of the 60’s and 70’s can be traced back to older literature or stage productions.

Or to quote a current animated comedy…“Simpsons already did it.” :smiley:

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Doooooh! Twenty Characters


See…the problem is, I remember watching Get Smart when it was a NEW comedy…when we would say, “DV what?” and had to wait a week between episodes and binging was only about eating.


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