Parts inquiry to make XXL into XL

Hi. I recently posted a question about making my XXL into an XL to start with until I get the hang of things (Using XXL kit to build XL size at beginning - Newbie post). I’m trying to get a feel for the parts I would need to make this happen and what it would end up costing me to do so. Anyone out there that has gone from the original and/or XL to XXL that has their leftover parts? I’m not sure this is all I will need so please chime in if something is missing in this list.

stepper motor cables with end parts from XL:

* 2 - 80"
*1 - 73"-57" (not quite sure about this but was in a chart of supplies listed for the XL-was the orginal cable 57 and there was an extension provided to make 73 for the XL?)
* 1- 48"

Y axis GT2 belts from XL:

2 - GT2-800mm
From what I can tell, I have 3 GT2-1215mm and will only need one of them for the XL.

Y rails from an original Shapeoko - thanks @dtilton71 for your offer - will let you know when I get all the answers I need. If anyone else has some you want to part with, chime in. Someone may want them.

front to back straps from XL (3?)

If you want to chime in and then message me the price you are asking, it would be great. Then, I can get an idea of what is needed if I attempt this.

Thanks for your time!