Parts Organizer à la IKEA Alex

My prototype lab has tons of small mechanical and electrical parts so I can build things quickly on a whim. I also like to keep various types of material on hand for the laser cutter (45W C02) to chew through as a nice complement to the router. Organizing my lab earlier this year I decided to build a more space efficient organizer using parts bins from Schaller. The organizer needed to be shallow and wide, with lots of drawers and some vertical material storage for 12x12" and 12x24" blanks.

Most of the project was built using table saw and chop saw, but I enlisted the Shapeoko to carve out a template to help space the drawers, and to cut the front handle. Since I use IKEA Alex drawers elsewhere in the lab I wanted to keep a consistent look. Making it DIY turned out to be a good idea anyway since Alex parts have been out of stock most of 2020. The similar size units were also far too deep for my wall.

It was a simple repeat job to install a blank and re-run the handle program, with very pleasing results. A little bit of sanding, sealing, and paint later, the unit now had drawer fronts.


When I find another slice of time I plan to build two smaller drawers for the top left, and finish out the base so I can have my wheel dollies back :slight_smile:

This project also taught me about issues exporting DXF from a CAD program like SolidWorks - in that paths are not always closed and joined properly.

Clearly photoshopped! Without links to the actual bins you used there is no substantial evidence that you actually built this. I may just be saying this to try to egg you into posting links to the bins you used so I can build my own. :smiley:


Well you know how to push the right buttons :stuck_out_tongue: for all the deets, lots of size options

I purchased some kits from Ebay as well:


Sounds like a fun place to work.


It also sounds a lot better than glorified basement dweller :slight_smile: (at least during the work day).


They’re “shaller” boxes.

Yes, but some are more shaller than others.

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Yep and I’m lazy. LoL. Your links mean I don’t have to Google.

I hear a rimshot in the background. …

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Your system is similar to this one.