Pass status display

Would be nice to have a status line below the progree % line that displays which pass is in progress such as:

Pass x of x

Also tool number display: Tool x of x

There already is a “Status” line display but the long alpha-numeric status doesn’t mean much especially to a newbie like me.

Thanks for listening.

I think the “Status” line just displays the last comment in the g-code.

G-code, and therefor CM has no idea how many “passes” are in the file. It’s just a bunch of linear moves to an XYZ position. I suppose it could consider a “pass” anything between 2 rapid moves. For a simple pocket or contour path this might be useful. For a detailed V carve, or 3D path you may end up with thousands of “passes”.

I think a persistant “Path name” & “Tool Name” might be more useful. ??

Instead of a pass status line, a visualization panel showing the actual movement of the pass would be better.

The controllers don’t really know what “pass“ they are on. They run directly on the g code which basically tells it to go from point a to point be at preset speed over and over again.

Well guys, I have to somewhat disagree with you, although Tod1 is correct about vcarve toolpaths.

So essentially what you are telling me is the attached should not be possible. (898 Bytes)

Well, it is fairly easy for a standalone program to parse the gcode file looking for M6 tool commands and saveout the tool number in a comment, as well as parsing for G1Z commands for increasing steps for pass information and comment that out as well. Carbide Motion already does parse out the tool number into the pop up prompt but does not add to status line, but that would be simple to do.

Tod1 is correct in that the program works great on contour toolpath files, but goes wild on vcarve and other toolpaths.

So in my testing what I found is the most efficient place for this kind of thing is in the CAD/CAM software rather than the sender software. To my surprise I found that Carbide Create already places the “hook” comments into its gcode (it places toolpath types comments into the code). So a little program such as mine could work much more efficiently on a CC file.

But for us Vectric users, not so much, it would take the similar functionality of CC to be added to the Vectric software.

If you want to run the attached gcode file, it uses MDF material, 1/4" thick, 6"x3", cuts out three small circles to .27 deep. But run at your own risk, but you could always just view it with Notepad.

I am surprised Carbide3D has not fully developed this feature as an additional selling point for Carbide Create. But then again, maybe it is in the Pro version because I don’t have it, but they dont advertise that enhancement as a selling point, missed opportunity in my opinion.

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Oops, well, just discovered the Vectric post processor editing guide…


I was just looking up the same thing. I don’t have Vectric, but it looks like you have lots of options…

Hi Tod1,

Yes, just finished testing the updated post and added in the toolpath name like you suggested and tool number for the status line, works slick.



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