Pause Stop Initialize

I understand why initializing the machine after an emergency stop may be necessary, but if I pause and stop a job I would like it to NOT re-initialize the machine.

There are two says to stop a job. One is the big red stop button which stops the job immediately and I believe this should require re-initialization.

The second way is to pause the job and instead of resuming, stop the job. This this path that I believe should not require the machine to be re-initialized.

Red stop means something messed up … pause and stop is oops I forgot something.

I had to do this this weekend and when the machine re-homed, it was off where it was last time so when I continued my job, everything was shifted.

Please changed the software to NOT re-initialize on a pause stop unless triggered manually by the operator.


I’d vote for this enhancement. I frequently pause the program to place another clamp, or change my Z depth, or to edit the program (feedrates, DOC, stepover, etc…) No reason to re-initialize.


Similar. When I pause and then go into jog, it lets me and then it is stuck on the Jog menu. I have to turn the power off and re-init . :frowning:
I assume this is a bonus feature :slight_smile: I just have to remember not to do this :slight_smile:
CM is a pretty good program but it does have some limitations by design and a couple of holes, but then all software does. :slight_smile: Still, it is pretty good, it is hard to get into trouble. In time I am sure I will start to use other less restrictive, with a bit more risk, programs :slight_smile:


It’s a pain, especially as the machine homing is less accurate than zeroing with an edge finder and I frequently have to re-zero if I’m into the finishing toolpaths.

Maybe just one more example to help justify the request.

If I’m in a cut and I realize I’m not going deep enough, I’d like to pause and stop the job, then make the adjustments I need to the program and then re-run the job.

This could save hours depending on the length of the job.

Every commercial machine I’ve used has been this way; pause as a wait function, not a reset. Sometimes a piece comes loose from the stock, and pausing is a safe way to remove it without starting over. If the option isn’t there, people will take the unsafe option of putting their hand in the machine to avoid stopping.


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