Pause, then "shut things down" is not always needed?

It would be very helpful to have a new feature to allow for more control options during a Carbide Motion Run. After hitting pause it would be nice to allow for (Skip to next toolpath, Skip to End, and a bonus would be re-zero with bitsetter).

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The developers can do a lot of things given enough time and money. The current way gcode is structured other functions are not likely. The gcode is executed sequentially and the limited nature of the controller there is no pause then execute another function/s and return to gcode and proceed. Maybe they can capture lightning in a bottle.

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The structure of the software is also dependent upon the underlying GRBL code functionality in the controller. It has a small selection of ‘immediate action’ commands that jump any command queue, but with safeguards to avoid the world being moved before the regular queue commands resume. This limitation is either a fixed limit, OR Carbide Motion has to be re-architectured to pre-process the .nc file line by line and perform these desired additional, spur of the moment commands itself, without relying on GRBL’s immediate command exceptions mechanisms (suspect this would be a huge piece of work).

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I guess I assumed these new button options that would show next to pause would work similar to the existing “Stop” button. I assume now the stop button issues an (End) command then a G28 (home position). The new “Skip to end” would just issue an (End) command and then a G0 X1 Y1 or something similar.

@bbparsons I don’t think a ‘retract then finish the JOB’ addition to CM would be hugely complex, but it really does depend on a sufficient body of opinion from the customer side for time and money to be committed. But Carbide do appear to be responsive, so ‘don’t ask don’t get’…

When paused, I’d like a ‘nevermind’ button - stop spindle, retract Z, do nothing else.

It’s a bit nuts that the only way to abort a job requires going through a homing cycle.

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