Pay for your help to produce gcode from stl file to run on my SO3 XXL

Hello & Happy July 4th to you all. God Bless you all.

I am seeking for someone to help me to produce gcodes from stl files to run on my SO3 XXL
and I am going to pay for your help. I will supply you with the original stl files.
Pls help - I am new with CNC and completely lost - I do not know where and how to start, even though I am trying to learn online the basic but not successful to do this task. The Stl files which I bought from ebay.
Pls contact me by email - Thanks in advance

I thought you were a professional running your CNC as a full time business, per your previous posts?

If you post the STL here, you’ll likely get plenty of folks who will run up some gcode for you, for free.

List of free options at:

Easiest thing to do probably is to just buy a MeshCAM license:

No I am not, I bought the SO3 exactly one year ago. But yes I achieved and very good at my project to produce my invention/product with aluminum plate and it is very basic and simple. But I am very happy with my investment and the time I putted in for the last 12 months learning how to use my SO3.
I am a rookie as far as CNC concern.
here is my work if you guys want to check them out

Now I am dreaming to be able to understand and making things that I want the most as a hobby but not business.
I want to mill on wood Religious art work to give away to my Church and other Churches and this is my dream.
I am very quick learner, I have decade of working with software and hardware as an X Cisco system Engineer
So if some one can produce the gcodes from one of my stl file.
I can read the gcodes and will be able to understand and maybe able to produce the gcodes for my other stl files using your gcode as sample and guide line and instructions
I am attaching the stl file here ( The Last Supper ) my CNC is a SO3 XXL

I am trying to attatch the stl file here but unable to do so, perhaps the file is too big - is there any other way to attach the stl file here?

If you’ve purchased the file, the license probably doesn’t allow publicly posting it — I’d suggest trying one of the free programs, or a demo, or waiting until someone offers and e-mailing it.

If you’d like to you could send the file in to and let us know what material you’d like to cut it out of, and what endmills you have to use and we’ll see if we can work up a file for you.

Thank you for your replied and helping me WillAdams
I will take this offer, thanks again for your help & support. You did help me when I purchase the SO3 get me rolling and very happy.
I am going to send the stl file to so you guys can help me.
I am going to use wood for this
I do not know how thick or how height and how width my stock should be.
I do not know what size of end mills do I need.
The artist who sell the stl art works is not an CNC exprts, I contact him and ask what is my stock sizes and end mills I need and he is unable to help me, he is an artist not cnc geek

so base on what i just wrote here, do you still want me to send you the stl file, i have SO3 XXL
Thanks in Advance.

Hi WillAdams - will this software will read the original stl file and give me tool-path or gcode to run om my SO# XXL - do I use CM4 or GRBL to run it? I am just a bit old to learn and afraid not be able to understand the software

MeshCAM is really the easiest CAM tool.

It will make G-Code which either Carbide Motion 3 or 4 can send to Grbl.

To understand the software, the community has a basic page on this at: — if any of the terminology is confusing please see:

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