PCB Milling Support


I was curious as to if anyone could comment on the workflow for cutting 1 & 2 layer PCBs.
Does the software for the Nomad 883 support the gerber file format?

I use 123d circuits.io and it currently exports the gerber files. I noticed that you can easily import them into the software for the OtherMill, called Otherplan & it converts it into G-code. I was wondering if a similar workflow was available for the Nomad 883.

Can the Nomad 883 read the G-code that Otherplan spits out?

Also, what’s the typical workflow for milling a 2 sided FR-1 PCB circuit?

I am just trying to collect all the facts here before I go an make a purchase.


There is some prior info on this thread:

may find helpful to start also.

Yeah. I was reading that post. It had some great information. I guess then I could export my gerber data from circuits.io and take it into eagle PCB, then load it out as g code with the suggested settings.
Just seems like a lot, and the low cost of entry point versions of eagle limit the size and number of layers.

Is there a way to get gerber data to something printable directly on the nomad 883

There has been a lot of pcb conversation over on the cnczone forum for the past few years.
http://www.galaad.net/coppercam-eng.html is one gerber to gcode converter – I have not used this but there are other examples if you look at cnczone.com

Another is http://www.ofitselfso.com/LineGrinder/LineGrinder.php but again, I don’t have personal experience as I use Eagle.

Also flatcam which is opensource… http://flatcam.org/

Flatcam Seems to be exactly what I am looking for.
Thank you so much!

Does anyone have a simple pcb file that has been created with the gcode inch or grbl inch that I could try. I have no experience with eagle or gerber files (newbie) Been doing a lot of reading but no shop time.

Have you tried many combinations. Finally, we chose Target 3001. For one properties - “Save as g-code”
It is not perfect - CM does not support all commands, you must manually edit the code.

sample PCB:


Can anyone provide a tutorial or instructions on using Flatcam (or pcb2gcode, or Otherplan, or anything really) to generate gcode that the Nomad 883 will accept from gerber files?
I’ve tried multiple tools and found that, even with sensible inputs, the Nomad hits its limit switches and/or vibrates horribly.

Note that I’m starting from Kicad and can generate gerber and excellon files. I’m not starting from Eagle, so I’m not able to run the “pcb-gcode” ULP in Eagle.

Thanks for any pointers!