PCB Milling with FlatCAM

Well after a few broken bits and some trial and error here is my PCB effort. The main component is a 45-pin LGA 0.5mm pitch module. The size of this thing is tiny tiny. I have been trying to figure out what I could put along side it to give some perspective. As can be seen on the bottom side the alignment is not 100% but pretty close. We are probably talking about 0.1mm. Not sure how I could get it any closer! The way I see it the hardest part for a double sided PCB (at least of this size) is alignement and surface flatness.

Now I still have to test the circuit and see that all works…

Maybe my thumb will give an idea of scale. You can also see the “dirt” in between the traces.


Nice work!
Curious as to what generated your CNC tool paths, your machine, and tools choices?


As mentioned in the title, FlatCAM was used for the tool paths. I found there was a bit of a learning curve but it offered all the functionality I was looking for.

The PCB was milled on a Nomad 883 and the bit I used for the isolation routing is a Tapered-stub End-mill with a diameter of 0.0051". Can be found here Precisebits

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Ahh… indeed. FlatCAM, not FlatCAD.
Thanks for sharing.