Peck drilling? Is it possible

Is there a way to do peck drill on the Shapeoko XXL if not I would like the request a add…

In general, that would be a feature of whatever tool you are using to produce the toolpaths.

Some directly support pecking, but I have also done it by setting several operations for the same hole to different depths.

MakerCAM is one example of a CAM tool which supports this:

grbl explicitly doesn’t support cycles. The Wiki says

No variables, no tool databases, no functions, no canned cycles, no
arithmetic and no control structures. Just the basic machine operations
and capabilities. Anything more complex, we think interfaces can handle
those quite easily and translate them for Grbl.

So my hand-written gcode that calls for G81 drilling or G83 peck-drilling won’t work on a grbl machine…


One can however use a post-processor to convert into commands which Grbl supports

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So the general consensus is that there isn’t away to preform peck drilling with the program that come with the machine. Thank for the info.

Fusion 360 is capable of this operation. I have used it lots…cribbage boards (small and large; .25" holes). Ands it’s free…

@Blackyankeewood, as long as the CAM program breaks up the peck drilling into individual G0 and G1 moves, the machine will perform them fine. (That said, MeshCAM doesn’t do peck drilling currently) Carbide Motion is just a program to send the gcode to the machine. It doesn’t do the gcode generation itself. @WillAdams, those postprocessors are cool. I will need to learn about perl. I’ve never encountered it before.


Can it be done in the meshcam post instead of a separate post processor? (Incidentally, this is one more reason not to make me load .egc into motion, then export, then post process…just sayin’)

@mikep, the MeshCAM drilling routine generates G0 and G1 moves without using a drilling cycle. There isn’t currently a way to specify peck drilling in the routine, so there isn’t a way to insert the intermediate depths into the gcode without some kind of postprocessor to add the pecks. The MeshCAM postprocessors don’t generate gcode on their own, just format the already-generated gcode for different machines. Do a search on “peck” on the MeshCAM forum ( ) and you’ll see it has come up occasionally. I mentioned it to Rob probably 30 minutes after he added the drilling :slight_smile: (which is independent of the other toolpath generation)



Ok, thanks for the explanation!

V-Carve & Aspire also do this also.


Ok thank you I have purchased Aspire