Peck drilling supported?

(John Gowrie) #1

Does CM4 support Peck drilling tool paths ? I programmed this type of tools path into a VCP job but CM4 just drilled to the full depth with no pecking

(Neil Ferreri) #2

Is VCP == Vcarve Pro?
I have some post processors for you to try.

(John Gowrie) #3

Yes v carve pro. I currently use the shapeoko post processor

(Neil Ferreri) #4

Do you know how to add post processors?
Go to File–>Open Application Data Folder…
Open the PostP folder, and add the files here: (4.6 KB)
I included Shapeoko and generic grbl.

Use that one when you save your gcode.
You may have to restart V-Carve for it to show up in the list.

The built in post processors didn’t support the dwell gcode.

(William Adams) #5

Do you mean the codes for

Q Peck increment in canned cycles
G81 Canned drilling cycle
G83 Deep hole drilling canned cycle

No, those aren’t supported by Grbl. You can either use a pre-processor which will convert those commands into discrete commands or use a CAM tool and post-processor which will make the discrete commands — MakerCAM is one such option.

It’s better to avoid drilling though — the machine isn’t rigid enough for that in any but the softest of materials — use a pocket toolpath — it’s also better for chip clearance.

(Neil Ferreri) #6

@Ton80 I was thinking about something else when I replied. The peck drilling in Vcarve should work without the dwell anyway. Can you get a screenshot of your toolpath settings in Vcarve?

(ray) #7

Check your pass depth for the tool, that is what controls peck in V-Carve.

So if you are drilling a .500" hole and your pass depth on the drill bit is.25" it will peck twice.

(John Gowrie) #8

Thanks… I was only experimenting with the function. I don’t have any real need to use the drill function so I think I will just follow Will’s advice and create any holes I need as pocket paths.