Philippines: Spindle to change + Spare parts?

Nomad is a great name, Torrance, Portugal, France, Hong Kong the machine is now in Manila.
If any others aficionados of Carbide in Philippines? I would be glad to ear from them and talk about our great machine.

My spindle is broken (Nomad 883.1, #256) and I’m about to get a new one, I’m in contact with Support/Sales.

I may consider to change or have in stock the belts.
Due to the distance, age of the machine and cost of transportation, others parts that would be safe to have here? I have difficulties to get straight answer from support and my projects are pending since a while.

Many thanks


Please accept our apologies for these difficulties. I don’t see any unanswered tickets from you in the support queue — please let us know what you need to know at and we’ll do our best to help.

Hi William, and thanks for the good service. I’m a newbie in Carbide world but enjoy it.

it looks like my support reference was:

My last email was:

It’s fine, we use your shipping company.

For the maintenance parts, I was asking you advise.
Do I need to get some as a set belt view the distance?
Please add them on the pro-forma, any other parts? (sensitive that I better have in Philippines(added))

For the Jig Flip do you have one available? (so I ship al together (added)

I’ve asked the rest of the team to look into this.

Hey Bertrand! I asked a similar question a while back and from the response, not much has actually broken or worn out on Nomads yet - which is good news. The only parts I could think of were the same: spindle, belt, and maybe the limit switches.

As per the topic link below - lubricating the linear bearings is also a good idea.




Hi PhilG,

And many thanks for your note.
I will follow your advice and order X and Y belts + the motor belt.
Next time I will order the limit switch as I may order flip jig when available.
For the lubricant I will get it next time I go to Europe to hassle for custom here.

Many thanks and cheers,



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