Photos of the threaded table clamps

Yes, I am new.
There are almost zero images of how the aluminum clamps that come with the threaded table are supposed to work. There’s a short video on youtube that’s too far away and blurry to figure it out. I’m supposed to put the button head screw upside down and the other one in the slot, but I can’t figure out how to make it tilt or clamp anything thicker than cardboard. This forum seems heavy with experienced users, so maybd a little help? Some close-up photos would go a long way.

M6 hardware goes into the threaded hole from the bottom:

which allows adjusting how high the clamps are:

(normally one would use 4, one along each edge/corner)

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Love your table. Don’t scratch it

That’s actually the living room floor — when we were restoring things after a pipe burst my wife chose to go w/ the dark finish since the flooring folks couldn’t match the UV-darkened red oak.


Thanks for your help. I have it now.

Bet she didn’t expect some convenient work fixturing to be built in though :wink: