PhotoVcarve with Shapeoko 3

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I wonder if it is possible to use PhotoVCarve with Shapeoko 3.
Is G-Code a problem or anything special to consider?

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Jean Boulanger

A post-processor for it is listed at:

Being a newbie in CNC and informatics, I could not find, what I was looking for in the two addresses you gave me. Wether you take my hand and guide me to the exact line of the post processor or tell me if there is an alternative to PhotoVCarve.

Jean Boulanger

N.B. Being French, I may not catch all the subtilities of the English language

When you follow this link:

it will take you to this screen:

You want to download the Carbide3D-Nomad-PhotoVCarve-Inch.pp.txt file and then rename it to remove the “.txt” ending. Your final file Carbide3D-Nomad-PhotoVCarve-Inch.pp is what you will use in PhotoVCarve as your post processor. I don’t remember which directory you have to put this in, but the PhotoVCarve manual should tell you.

Note that this post processor is in Inches and not mm.

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HI, Thank You for your reply.
I downloaded the file which is 721 bytes. I took off the .txt filename extension.
Problem is, my computer does’nt open it, saying that I have nothing to open it.
Is there a special way to open it? A piece of software, anything?
Very confused with it.


Jean Boulanger

You don’t open it, you install it where other post-processors for this commercial software is installed, per the documentation for the software package — I don’t use this package, so can’t help beyond the pointer, my apologies.

Hi, don’t apologise, this is a great help for me, and I thank you for that.


Jean Boulanger

As best as I can tell, you put the file in the Program Files/PhotoVCarve/PostP directory and it should show up in Photo V Carve for your use.

I also found a post on how to have it work in mm instead of inches:

Millimeter versions can be created by editing the files, changing the G20 to a G21 and saving the file under a new name.

The file is specific to the PhotoVCarve software, so you cannot use this file until you install that.

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Many thanks to William Adams and Adam Albert.
I finally bought PhotoVCarve this weekend.
There is a dialog box for post-processors in the
software. G-Code for inches and mm are in there.
So that shoud end the problem.
Have to try now.


Jean Boulanger

There are also now both files one can score for PhotoVCarve. Inches & mm.