Pi 400 feedback anyone?

This just came in the mail:

So far I have been using both a regular raspberry pi with CNCjs and a Win10 laptop with CM, but the laptop finally died (for good, CPR did not help…) and I thought, since CM now runs on the Pi and I don’t want to spend $500 for a decent laptop and I need a compact keyboard anyway, this should be interesting.

Just being curious, does anyone else use a Pi 400 for controlling their Shapeoko/Nomad and how do you like it ?



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Looks interesting. Let us know how this turns out. :computer:

well it’s almost too easy. The Pi400 comes preloaded with the Raspbian OS, so I literally only had to:

  • connect the mouse, screen and power supply.
  • let it boot up, answer the questions in the configuration process, reboot.
  • go to Carbide 3D and download the latest .deb file, and let the OS install it.
  • done & ready to cut.

The keyboard is compact and the reactivity of a Pi is not that of a $1000 laptop, but for running CM it’s perfect so far.

Up next, installing CNCjs (which I already know will work perfectly, having installed it on other Pis before).


Will watch your progress with interest, as too considering a Pi/4 or /400 with CNCjs as the sender setup in my new workshop, when builders and building materials in the UK become available again… :frowning:


I’ve got one sitting on my desk that I’ve been meaning to try. It could be the lowest-cost option for a CM computer.


A Pi with CM is definitely in my future as I don’t like taking my good laptop in the workshop. How’s the feel of the mouse/keyboard combo and does it seem robust enough to take a few hits in the shop? I do like the size of it, really compact.

they feel average (not in a bad way, but obviously don’t expect a high end keyboard/mouse experience on a sub $100 item that packs the computer too), but I enjoy using them so far. And should it break from workshop abuse in a year or two, I would buy a new one without thinking twice.


Are the keyboard & mouse standard connections?

Meaning, can you just buy a regular USB keyboard (maybe a nice Cherry) when you get tired with / fill up with sawdust & metal chips the Pi keyboard?

@Julien I’d be curious about the performance while using cncjs. While a great sender, Cncjs tends to be very temperamental. Sometimes it needs restarting few times a day. It works really well for me on the MS Surface pro 3, but on the super cheap Lenovo, it’s really bad. How is it on the pi?

I set up a watchdog on the pi, to restart it when it freezes up (only seems to happen when I’m not using it). Seems to have cleared up the issues, granted I currently use a 3b+ so it may have been the limited resources. I haven’t seen any issues since when using CNCJS or when tweaking it to add in keyboard macro shortcuts / shopfloortablet UI.

I have CNCJS running 24/7 on this Pi and have not seen any issues. It immediately connects right up to the machine every time. I love the ease of use of the Pi!

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keyboard is embedded (well that’s the point of the Pi400 isn’t it :wink: ), the mouse is USB, and there is no reason why you could not plug an external USB keyboard (but haven’t tried it)

I have been using it on a (regular) Pi4 from time to time (a few tens of hours overall, not more) with very few issues but I have mainly used CNCjs on Windows so far, so I’ll report how it goes now that I have transitioned to 100% Pi. Time will tell.


FYI, I have been using CNJS for over 18 months on a Pi 3b+. It has been rock solid. Furthermore it runs 24/7. The Pi has only been off maybe 5 times in 18 months - only due to brief power outages and once when I moved it.


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