Picture cnc help

Has anybody ever tried to make a wood carve of
A person from a picture? I was wondering what kind of a bit to use and if it gets any detail to make it look life like.

If you go to cutrocket.com they have a half tone generator that is free to use. You will have to do a lot of fiddling to get a good image. Busy photos are hard to get a good image from but give that a try. As far as a bit likely a 15-20 degree vee bit. On acrylic maybe a McEtcher.

I went there and can’t find anything like that.


I’ve done a few with varying success. Having a picture with a lot of contrast is important. When setting up the cut I’ve found it best to use a depth of cut about 0.06 or somewhere around that. Definitely use a vee bit for best results.

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