Picture Trace - wavy straight lines

When i drop a picture in to be traced, although the picture has straight lines the trace seems to make it a little wavy. Is there a better way to upload? Is there a better format of pic to trace, this was a jpeg. Should i trace a specific format of pics?
Thanks for.your time

JPEG doesn’t handle hard edges very well - it will put in a ‘transition’ that can make it hard to determine where the exact edge is.

If the original is a PNG or GIF (or some other lossless format), that can work better. However, if you are starting from a JPG, converting to PNG will not help. If you are working in a photo editing program, then crank up the ‘quality’ when you save the image. Note that JPGs can be crappy in two distinct ways - they can be low resolution, or they can be low quality.

If you have it, a high resolution, high quality JPG will work better than lower.

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JPEG compression is lossy and introduces artifacts — what are the pixel dimensions of the image in question? Could you post one here or to support@carbide3d.com ?

If you need straight lines from one point to another, it’s pretty straight-forward to:

  • place a copy of the pixel image on the background for reference
  • go into Node Edit mode and edit to clean things up to match

pAhbj-KM_400x400 (1)

Thank for the help.

This is the image…it will be 12" in height which in ratio makes it roughly 12" wide as well.

The image seems great but in CC trace the lines look ‘torn’ and ‘frayed’. Shout out to the Roling Stones fans 1972

Given that it’s text and regular/symmetric geometry, and that the image is distorted by the rounding, it would be best to just reset the text and redraw everything, esp. considering that the image is only 400 x 400 pixels.

Here’s a 900x900 pixel version (which is a bit different):

which works a bit better:

(but I would still reset it)

Do you have a better original? Is there a plain, b/w (monochrome) version w/o the 3D effect?


Wow, thanks for your time on this.

Its a google picture that i grabbed. When i had the issue, instead of trying a bunch more unsuccessfully, i thought id reach out to the group that has all the ideas.

Im understanding more what cc needs from me in pictures, so this is great! Thanks

I zoomed in on your version of the crest and it is far better. I understand what youre telling me though.
Thanks so much

When looking to copy something like that ask yourself, “Why is this not round?” That points to the first problem of not having straight lines - image distortion. Sometimes I think that is done to discourage (or track) copies.

Like Will says, use it as a background and make it your own.

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1400 x 1250 I think this is the largest version. It’s also a PNG file.

I little more clean up and this should work.
Notre Dame

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Thats incredible that you did that for me. Thank you kindly for the time and knowledge.

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You can right-click on any image and google to search for matches. Then in the right side window, you can select “Find Image Source”.
Right-click on the image you want and select “Open image in new tab”.

If you expand the Google image search you can get more details.

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