Pictures of progress

That project I didn’t upload pictures of isn’t finished but here’s the stock plate with a hawk “engraved” with a vee bit. Also the next v carving (the tiger that doesn’t look like a bear). The lighter one is v carved with Estlcam with the depth set at 1mm but the carve width is the same as the v bit width (12.7mm) it took 3 mins, the burnt one is set for a 4mm carve width and took 10 mins. My son torched it, washed it and than I sprayed poly on it. I like what he did to it. Kids with fire, who would think of it???

These are getting addictive.


Thats a nice Hawk Jude…Love the baby bears too haha


Describe torch + washed + poly process please. I got a torch, I got some spray poly, but wash? I don’t know if I’m concerned or confused, but it looks great and I wanna try too!



I love those designs, and the finish is great! I’ll have to try it, the burned look is very cool.

He took a cup of water and splashed the cup of water out of the cup in a forward motion, while holding the burnt carving in a vertical fashion perpendicular to the intended flow of the water which was intended to flow out of the cup in a horizontal flow, with force onto the carving which caused the horizontally forcefully flowing water to flush away (or “wash”) the sanded off burnt filings (which were the result of lightly sanding the burnt surface which was performed after the burning and before the “washing” which left a lot of sanded off burnt residue in the carved surface of the carving) and splash them onto the ground along with the forcefully flowed or splashed hydrogen and oxygen compound .
That was a little more fun than just saying that I poured a cup of water over it, or that I “washed” it with water. Thanks Dan for the entertainment. We always look for the deepest secret and the most involved procedure, how complicated can we make something. Hope you’re okay, Jude

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I can’t explain how the middle picture shows the “blue” where the burnt ,washed, poly’d on the right side. But the washing is important for the effect. Also I forgot the sanding off after burning to reveal the original surface between the carves.

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