Pinout for BitRunner?

Is there a pinout available? I found this : Spindle Control - ShapeOko which talks about pins 6/3, but I notice bitrunner has other wires as well and was curious what they were for.

I’m going to use an Adafruit IOT powerbar to control my router.

EDIT: Also, is the 6-pin connector a Molex Microfit? I tried connecting one and it didn’t seem to want to connect.

On older controllers (e.g. before the SO Pro), see #20 pinout at

(which matches the wiki info and adds what the other pins are doing)

The connector (Molex Micro-FIT) reference was mentioned by @Moded1952 here.
I wouldn’t be able to confirm with absolute certainty that this is the one, but it does look like it.


Yep, it’s definitely Micro-Fit, the connector I linked is the one I used to mate the Nomad’s McGillicutty to my new controller.

Hmm, I already have Molex 0430200601‎, so maybe it’s just a reeeealy tight fit. The tolerance could be off as well if it’s not an OEM Molex on the control board.

When I installed my bitrunner, the connector was so tight I was afraid I was going to break it right off the board. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to disconnect it without damaging something.

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The connector on mine was reeeeealy tight (notice the extra ‘e’ so even more than you expected) … surprisingly so for this type of thing. I thought I’d snap it off the mother board when fitting it I had to use so much force, and even considered soldering a RJ45 on there at one stage.

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