Placing circles on an arc or circle

This is another request from tech support:

Want to place eight holes of 4.2-millimeter diameter inside the space defined by the two circles…all evenly spaced between the lines and at equal radial angles.

There are two ways to do this:

​ - place one circle, duplicate it eight times, and rotate each in place by the appropriate number of degrees — this will work in pretty much any version of Carbide Create
​ - use the nifty new Circular Array tool which is available in more recent versions — v7 just went stable:

Carbide Create V7

​download it from:

Download Carbide Create

Start w/ a suitable file:

Draw in one circle which has its center where desired — it’s easiest to draw one which has its center at the apex:

halve its size:

and then reposition it:

and then re-size it so it is the desired size:

copy-past it into the same position by copying it, then moving the cursor out of the drawing area and pasting in place.

Then select the duplicate and the outer circle:

and Rotate them by 360/8 == 45 degrees:


repeat the copy-paste and rotation 6 more times:

(some folks would pause at the quarter or halfway points, clone everything and using horizontal/vertical mirroring — for instances where there are more objects that might make sense — you just have to clean up the duplicates)

If you have a version of Carbide Create which has the Circular Array tool:

Simply select the circle, and click on the icon for the Circular Array tool:

Adjust where the center falls:

and adjust the number of elements: