Planet CNC software + Shapeoko 3

Hey guys,

I Don’t really like the control software options for GRBL to run my SO3, I’ve tried the following:
Carbide Motion

I have been looking at running Mach 3 on a Gecko G540 or Planet CNC software on their controller. While doing some research I saw that it is a GRBL-based controller, my big question is whether or not the Carbide board would support that software? I know there are a few commands that the board doesn’t support, which I am OK with, but i like the style of the USB CNC software that comes with the Planet CNC. If I can use the original Board that would save me ~$500 in electronics.

Any thoughts? Am I missing any of the other software options? If it’s all too hard I can carry on using BCNC which suits me the best at the moment, but I’d like if it was a little more ‘industrial’

You’d have to replace all of the electronics- there’s no way to take GRBL out of the loop but keep the motor drivers.

Before you take that plunge, wait another week or so for us to get the GRBL 1.1 + CM update out for early adopters. It’s a great update that fixes a lot of things that we were unable to address until GRBL was updated.


One nice “industrial” upgrade is to get a Contour Design Shuttle Xpress to use as a jog wheel:

Tormach sells rebadged ones: as does

Mentioned on the wiki page

I can do that, I just wanted to see what’s out there, wondering if I was missing out on any obvious options. After doing a bit of reading I can probably do what I need to with grbl 1.1. The upgrade of electronics would be a pretty long term goal anyway.

Thanks for the response! I also just backed a suckit dust boot for the XXL I just ordered, second machine!

Any updates on the GRBL 1.1 update?

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Will, do you know if this is compatible with Carbide Motion?

The Contour Design Shuttlexpress should work with Carbide Motion insofar as one maps buttons to match the keyboard shortcuts which CM affords. I don’t believe CM supports the jog wheel — I’d love to be wrong, but I need to pick up a powered USB hub for my tablet before I can try that out.