Planning to upgrade my Shapeoko 2, can I buy and use the Carbide Controller Board?

Good day!

I have a Shapeoko 2, that I plan to upgrade to newer parts (X-Carve 2017).

I decided an X-Carve because it seems I cannot buy the extrusions or mechanical assembly of the Shapeoko 3…

I figured that my Dual Y-Axis Gantry is underpowered with the gShield v5 (2.5 Amps per Winding). So I plan to use the Carbide Controller board.

Is that possible?

Sparkfun sells it. I don’t think shapeoko sells it alone.

Hi mikep! Thanks for your reply.

Here’s the link
link redacted

But is it possible? That’s what I really want to know. To be used in a Shapeoko 2? It doesnt matter right? It has 4 NEMA 23 steppers also.

The following is my understanding of the company policy on this. Checking in w/ @edwardrford and @robgrz and @Jorge to confirm

As the text of that page implies, the board is intended only for Carbide 3D machines: Shapeoko 3s

While it’s technologically feasible to use it on a machine w/ motors of a suitable current rating, that’s not the intent (Carbide Motion is seen as a strategic advantage which we wish to limit to just our machines).

I’m afraid the upgrade path from an SO1/2 to a 3 is to sell the older machine and buy the newer one — there just aren’t enough parts in common for anything else to be feasible.

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All right then. Thank you. I completely understand.

I have two of them that I don’t need if you are still looking for one. I run tinyG controllers on my s3 and my s3 xxl

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Hi Jeromy!

Would you say it’s better than the Carbide controller? What software does tinyG use? I only had experience with gShield and Arduino based controllers so I use, UGS and bCNC only. I heard of ChiliPeppr, but I haven’t used it.

Can it use Mach 3? What do you use?

Thanks for your reply!

Oh god I’m so sorry. I never got notified of this and this is the first time I have logged back on

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